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Why HOST? 



Three months after we moved to Ashe County in December, 1995, our two fine city dogs - still in the process of learning the ways of their new country life - met up with a skunk during the middle of an unusually mild night. Both stinky furballs rushed into the house and rolled all over the carpet just as we realized that the gag-worthy skunk aroma was coming from THEM. 

Not being in a position to replace the carpet (or, unfortunately, our noses), we rented a little HOST machine early the next morning to avoid getting the carpet wet in the typically frigid mountain temps. We didn't see how it could help, but we still hoped for the best. Amazingly and most thankfully, we were able to take the clothespins off our noses after a single cleaning! Too bad the dogs weren't as easily sweetened up. 


We remained sufficiently impressed with the process and started Randy's Carpet Dry-Cleaning Service in the spring of 1997.

Some pretty good reasons to choose HOST... even without a skunk:


   Carpets are generally ready for traffic immediately after cleaning

   No need to put protectors on the feet of the furniture (or baggies on your feet!) until the carpet dries

   No need to lug fans out to speed the drying time

   Ideal for both residential and commercial carpet

   Never any damage from mold or mildew


   Removes dust mites, mold, allergens

   Deep cleans and lifts matted pile

   No sticky residue to cause resoiling

   Safe for almost all types of carpets, rugs, and upholstery

   Also effective on grouted floor tile



   Churches (10% discount!)

   Non-profits (10% discount!)


   Rental units

   Businesses (offices, showrooms, etc.)


   MONEY-WISE: comparable to steam-cleaning and often more affordable

   TIME-WISE: no need to wait for the carpet to dry, to move furniture out of the room, or to protect feet

   HEALTH-WISE: no breathing harsh chemical odors or musty wet carpets

   SANITY-WISE: see all of the above!


   Non-toxic; safe for people and pets

   No chemical odor - the base is a natural, citrus product


   Conserves water

   Can be composted

Components meet EU biodegradability standard

Green Seal® Certified

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